Portuguese Embroidery

The Portuguese town of Viana do Castelo is nestled in the beautiful northern Minho region. The town enjoys a rustic provincial atmosphere bordered by a scenic river and the majestic Atlantic Ocean. Its people enjoy a long cherished tradition of impeccably distinct rural arts exemplified by its fine handcrafted embroidery.

Embroidery is an artistic craft anchored on meticulous handiwork in needles and thread to showcase the historic arts and cultures of a country and its people. Its rich embroidery finds inspiration from the natural beauty of the Viana do Castelo locale, from the simplest designs and uniquely Portuguese patterns to the more elaborate floral accents. And there’s no better medium to embody this than on table cloths and tray cloths that lend a distinct touch of class and elegance to your dining moments.

At Portugal, we are proud to carry this exquisite line of embroidered Viana do Castelo linen and cotton fabrics in the form of table cloths and tray cloths of timeless beauty and understated elegance. Check out our wide selection of exquisitely embroidered textile products designed and handcrafted in Portugal.

• Embroidered Cotton Tablecloth makes use of cotton in both its textile and embroidery. A wide array of designs inspired from the traditional Viana do Castelo design motifs like brambles, leaves, and flowers in various patterns are embroidered by hand. And since they are made by individuals variously inspired, no two tablecloths look the same. The textile and the embroidery can come in a monotone or in various contrasting colors like blue on white or red in white.
• Traditional Embroidered Linen Tablecloth is the best specimen of fine Portuguese craftsmanship inspired from the Viana do Castelo embroidery tradition. Design elements using flowers, brambles and leaves form the artistic embroidery that comes in various colors of blue on white, or red on white textiles or in any combination.
• Bars Linen Tablecloth is an embroidered tablecloth specially piped with bars framing the tablecloth that is of a different or identical color as with the textile cloth itself. The bars may also share the same color as the embroidery work.
• Bars Linen Traycloth is a rectangular linen traycloth specially embroidered with pipings or bars framing the textile. The pipings can came in a different color from the textile or similar to it or its embroidery color.
• Silvas Linen Tablecloth is a large embroidered tablecloth that comes in different sizes to cover the entire table top dimension with the smallest starting at a rectangular size of 2.5 x 1.7 meters. “Silvas” are brambles used as design motifs arranged in heart patterns and come in blue, white or cream colors.
• Rich Linen tablecloth, as the name implies, carries a richer diversity of embroidery designs and patterns inspired from Viana do Castelo. The fine embroidery comes in a range of colors that are sure to add a touch of class to any dining experience.
• Embroidered Linen Traycloth carries the Carmella floral motif. The fabrics can be customized to various color preferences though the embroidery often comes in red, white, blue, cream or in combination with other colors. Inspired by the Viana do Castelo tradition of fine embroidery.

Linen tablecloths are available at the Portugal Shop, the online shopping portal of the Portugal Web.

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